Hands-on training for information security professionals

A hands-on training solution that teaches information security professionals how to tackle real world challenges


Traditional certifications and lecture-based training may teach fundamental technical concepts, but they cannot prepare your workforce for the dynamic and complex challenges that they encounter in the real world. That's what makes Capture the Flag, the traditional hacker wargame, so important for security professionals. Capture the Flag events are designed to test and build the skills of cyber security professionals through real world scenarios. The challenges have carefully crafted, multi-layered, and non-obvious vulnerabilities. Your workforce may not have seen these types of challenges before, and may not know how to solve or even approach them, at first. It is this ability to learn on the fly and think outside of the box that gives hackers their elite reputation—and it's something your workforce can learn.

  • Capture the Flag events are a great way to raise morale, assess skills of individuals and teams, and provide on-the-fly learning in a hands-on manner.
  • Our gamified approach, which includes a full array of audio and visual equipment, rich with sounds and leader boards, immerses participants into a competitive yet educational environment.
  • Events provide hands-on cyber simulated exercises to train new and existing staff across a variety of competencies, such as reverse engineering, networking, forensics, and exploitation.
  • Use events to measure the skill of your current workforce and identify talent across different cyber competencies, or identify competencies in which your organization excels as well as areas to focus on with additional training.


Tim Nary
Lead Technologist
Fred Frey
Chief Engineer
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  • Our scoreboard engine tracks a variety of metrics, including correct and incorrect answers, time spent on a challenge, and number of hints used, and enables management to gain real-time insight into individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our virtualized infrastructure allows users or teams to have their own, identical copy of challenges. This ensures disruptive actions don't affect other players and helps establish consistency when scoring participants.
  • We offer training (full or half day private events) held onsite in your offices. This is the traditional Kaizen experience. We will bring staff onsite to facilitate the event and guide participants through the challenges. The event concludes with an awards ceremony announcing the top teams and individuals.
  • With our VPN, we can provide training at any Internet-enabled location. We can optionally provide 24/7 access to challenges following an event, allowing participants to work through unsolved challenges.