Scan, build, and deploy

A code analysis engine that simply and efficiently delivers source code to the Docker application in seconds


Containerization is a macro-trend in the cloud infrastructure space and will be applied as a technology across all verticals in commercial and federal. The development of Codelift® will position the Firm as a key player in the containerization space. For developers, it will reduce the technical skill set development necessary to use Docker as well as eliminate several manual steps necessary to dockerize applications. For enterprise organizations, the use of Codelift® can enable developers to spend more time on writing code and thus will realize development gains.

  • Analyze: CodeLift®'s advanced analysis engine quickly scans your code base and generates a Dockerfile (or Docker-compose.yml) that is optimized for your application.
  • Build: CodeLift® will provide a suggested Dockerfile. When you are ready to build your Docker image, simple click a button and CodeLift® will build your Docker image.
  • Deploy: Once your image has been built, you can then deploy it to Docker Hub, Amazon ECS, your Docker Swarm (Enterprise Only), or Microsoft A.
  • Developers will overcome skill set hurdles related to Docker to eliminate manual steps and dockerize applications.
  • Codelift® adoption allows enterprise developers to operate more efficiently, resulting in faster time to market for software products, as well as easy portability of code to different infrastructure environments.


Jarid Cottrell
Program Manager
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  • CodeLift® builds a custom tailored Dockerfile for your application; based on current best practices and patterns. We support the scanning of the following frameworks and languages, with more added every week.

  • Supported Languages and Frameworks:
    • Ruby
    • NodeJS
    • PHP
    • Python (Coming Soon)
    • Java (Coming Soon)
    • .Net (Coming Soon)

  • Supported Tools & Services:
    • Github
    • DockerHub
    • DockerCloud
    • Docker Datacenter
    • Kitematic
    • AWS
    • Bitbucket
    • Azure (Coming Soon)
    • Google Cloud (Coming Soon)
    • Visual Studio Code (Coming Soon)
    • Atom (Coming Soon)
    • Jetbrains IDE’s (Coming Soon)