Drive measurable transformation

A proprietary Booz Allen approach to benchmark your organization against others, gain insights into measures, performance, and practices to drive organizational transformation

Enterprise Benchmarking

Booz Allen's Enterprise Benchmarking solution couples a deep understanding of enterprise cost transformation with an analytic approach to industry benchmarking and best practice implementation for your organization. Our proprietary benchmarking data allows our clients to hone in on areas of high impact improvement. By objectively baselining an organization's current state and providing insights into peer best practices, we help clients position, manage and execute transformational change.

  • Reveal insights into the current state of operations, helping management identify its organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain competitive advantage by comparing your performance and processes to industry leaders and adopting best practices
  • Empower management with data to drive transformation in areas that have the most impact
  • Drive continuous improvement by measuring critical metrics year over year allowing organizations to improve efficiency, lower costs, and become industry leaders


Inigo Ahedo
Business Development
Chris Carabetta
Technical Lead
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  • Experienced benchmarking and cost transformation practitioners
  • Proven benchmarking taxonomies and methodologies
  • A benchmarking library including a proprietary Booz Allen G&A database
  • A primary research capability used to generate customized client benchmarking