Flexible network modeling

A network modeling and visualization tool that supports planning, operations and training


Through NEMESYS, you will better understand and address vulnerabilities in your planning, operations and training—supporting both strategic and tactical, offensive and defensive cyber analyses and planning. NEMESYS offers a logical window into your business through a single, integrated database that allows for rapid adaptability to other domains.

  • Save hundreds of hours by applying our multi-layered, tailored model to your unique analysis requirements with automated ingest of network discovery data
  • Perform complex network analysis and mission planning for your cyber operations with easy-to-use visualizations integrated with various tools like Google Earth
  • Connect people with communications networks and data from wired, wireless, and social domains, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively


Bridget Kennedy
Sales & Technical Lead
Patrick "Jim" Potter
Program Manager
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  • Nodal analysis and network visualization allow logical to physical mapping, visualization within and across network layers, and integration with mapping platforms like Google Earth and OpenMap GIS tools
  • A flexible and extensible architecture supports rapid adaptability to other domains
  • Rules-based data correlation combines with import, management and analysis of large network data sets (e.g., nmap, whois, Cisco command line tools) and spreadsheets