Stop phishing in its tracks

STAR*Phish™ is a service offering that includes live exercises, training and awareness tools designed to increase user detection and reporting of sophisticated phishing attacks


Untrained users are the #1 exploitable weakness of many modern IT systems. Phishing is an email attack that targets these users, enticing them to reveal sensitive information or install malicious software. STAR*Phish™ couples ongoing awareness exercises with short and customized training that immediately capitalizes on the teachable moment to prevent phishing attacks before they happen.

  • Equip your employees. Realistic live exercises that mimic the actions of real-world attackers ensure your employees can handle the latest threats.
  • Immersive and immediate training. STAR*Phish™ capitalizes on the teachable moment when users are caught red-handed. This tool teaches users how to avoid being phished by imitating attacks as they happen within the workplace.
  • Easy-to-use data visualization. Dashboards for all collected metrics so you can easily find the data that matters to you.


Lawrence Lauderdale
Product Manager
Sean Palka
Product Owner
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  • STAR*Phish™, a proprietary Booz Allen offering, uses live exercises to address evolving threats.
  • Teachable moments provide focused and tailored user training to demonstrate susceptibility to phishing.
  • Trackable exercise metrics determine the effectiveness of training over time across various objectives and organizational demographics.
  • Customized awareness training service offering can be implemented separately or in tandem to meet specific organizational needs.