Manage your program portfolio

A highly visual web application solution that automates your enterprise integration using open source technologies


Attune helps you to gain a clear picture of your entire enterprise portfolio, and to efficiently and effectively enable proactive, mission-centric decision making. Attune is a data integration environment which allows for defensible decisions using authoritative data and provides end to end traceability linking system enterprise specifications to operational needs through rich visualizations and conditional analyses.

  • Define and visualize your portfolio. Understand the massive amount of data in your enterprise portfolio through interactive and intuitive data visualizations. Then ask:

    • What are the mission, common, and core services across my enterprise so I can make consolidation decisions?
    • Where do I have gaps that need to be addressed?
  • Trace portfolio relationships. Understand connections of program support and the relevancy to missions and capabilities, enabling impact assessment of decisions.
  • Define system and service specifications. View and manage system and service specifications across the whole enterprise. Specifications provide the blueprint for implementation.
  • Quantify your portfolio. Quickly view and find what assets you have and their detailed information, identify potential gaps and duplication, and see the cost and acquisition information tied to the systems. Then ask:

    • Should I build or buy?
    • Does it make sense for me to reuse?


Jeffrey Feller
Theresa Lynch
Chief Technologist
Jason Wong
Senior Lead Technologist
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  • Simple and seamless UI, including single-sign on
  • An intuitive dashboard with auto-generated portfolio views and metrics
  • Dashboard configuration allows users to specify viewable dashboard entities, associated visualizations, alerts, and attributes
  • Detailed views so users can track specific portfolio assets, data specific to those entities, and parent/child relationships
  • Metadata modeling shows specific entity relationships
  • Chronological timeline view shows milestones, dependencies, and costs
  • Data import feature allows users to drag and drop data sets from Excel and performs data validation