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A solution focused on edge computing, IoT,  and the integration of sensors, mobile applications, cloud services, legacy systems and much more


As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution continues, huge numbers of diverse sensors, devices, mobile apps, and cloud capabilities are available to collect data and support new business and mission needs. Clients are facing integration and interoperability issues that prohibit the fusion of data and the rapid delivery of new capabilities. Booz Allen's Harmonia IoT integration platform is a configurable and pluggable, standards-based, edge IoT integration platform; designed to run on gateways, mobile devices, and microcontrollers, enabling dynamic discovery, intelligent and secure multi-protocol machine to machine communications, and the integration of local and remote sensors, devices, mobile apps, and cloud services in connected and disconnected environments.

  • Enables technology or vendor specific sensors and devices to be integrated and exposed over open standards
  • Enables mediation and transformation across networks, protocols, and data formats to facilitate integration and interoperability
  • Enables dynamic discovery and intelligent, secure multi-protocol machine to machine communications
  • Enables the integration of local and remote sensors, devices, mobile apps, and cloud services in connected and disconnected environments.


Ben Reif
Senior Lead Technologist
(703) 377-1443
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  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Sensor / Device Discovery - Enables automated inter-connectivity, integration, and intelligent data exchanges based on metadata, profiles, and rules
  • Sensor, Data, Network, and API abstraction - Facilitates Sensor as a Service model and ease of integration for Mobile Apps, Sensors, and Cloud Services
  • Event Processing, Orchestration, Messaging - Supports loosely coupled architecture and automated intelligent routing and processing of data based on events  
  • Enables Edge / Fog Computing - IoT computing near the device instead of reliance on the cloud; Facilitates mesh and software defined networking, on-board analytics and machine-learning at the edge
  • Operation in Disconnected Environments - For tactical and austere-environment users, the ability to function without connectivity to the larger Internet can be key
  • Cloud Integration - Supports standards based integration into the larger enterprise
  • Multiple Deployment options - Supports a variety of hardware/OS form-factors to support many mission needs (e.g., Android / iOS / Windows Mobile Devices, Linux Gateways, Arduino boards)
  • Overall System Security - Includes security services that comply with industry and government standards