Automate the cloud

An open source, cloud broker platform to manage, automate, and control your complex cloud environment

Project Jellyfish

We help you unify your cloud-based resources, infrastructure, and services through a centralized e-commerce platform. Available in a variety of functional tiers, Project Jellyfish helps you address your governance and compliance, resource management and service management needs. Because our product is open-sourced, you leverage the power of the community to meet any challenges and develop a customized solution to fit your organization.

  • Satisfy your organization's IT needs for cloud services using an easy to use self-service portal
  • Connect your clients to the right solutions with the right provider while adhering to your policies and staying within budget
  • Administer your multi-cloud environment in one location where you can proactively monitor chargeback information using the power of an open source platform


Jarid Cottrell
Product Manager
Christopher Hample
Technical Lead
Christine Leland Kim
Sales Lead
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  • Open source architecture allows developers to participate, debate, collaborate, and promote further innovation to produce quality code while avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Community-driven open source projects rapidly adopt and respond to evolving technologies by leveraging participation / expertise from its community
  • Extensible and modular framework allows developers to easily infuse new technologies and build additional plug-and-play interfaces without comprising the core architecture design
  • Flexibility allows broker platforms to be configured to provide automation throughout the entire lifecycle of a cloud service