Tame your data

Sailfish is Booz Allen's big data analytics platform that democratizes data science and enables analytic decision making for anyone (of any skill set) in an organization.


Don't let your data own you. With Sailfish, insights into your complex data are within reach—for everyone. The Sailfish platform combines two powerful web-based applications with on-demand access to Booz Allen's team of over 600 expert data scientists and specialists.

  • Democratize data.
  • Build a culture of data science.
  • Access the experts, on-demand.


Alex Jendzejec
Director of Business Development
Finalist, ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Awards
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    Sailfish Explore℠ Features
  • Natural Language Interface: Ask plain English questions to your data. No special query language required.
  • Visual Query Builder: Without coding, simply drag and drop to build complex queries.
  • Workflow Management: Think out your analytical approach in real time. Save your workflow, share it with others, or schedule it ahead of time.
  • Seamless Integration: Sailfish Explore℠ sits on top of your existing data storage solutions, like Hive, and HDFS.
  • Analytical Community: From within Sailfish Explore℠, send requests and ask for other analysts support.
    Sailfish Exchange℠ Features
  • File agnostic: link directly to any URL or data file, anywhere, using our intuitive web extension.
  • Customizable: Collect data sources into custom nets, organize data sets completely on your terms, and then curate them by topic of interest.
  • No new file storage: Sailfish Exchange℠ sits on top of existing systems and servers, and doesn't require heavy installation.
  • Data-gathering community: A social follower interface allows for sharing and levels out the playing field to access data.
  • Crowdsourced quality: Commenting, starring, and rating functionality gives everyone a say about the quality of data sources and nets.
  • API to analytics: Download data locally with one click, or send data via the application program interface (API) to Sailfish Explore℠.