A comprehensive end-to-end Financial Crimes platform

An innovative AML software suite designed to deliver compliance, efficiency, and uniformity for AML/BSA program


Within financial institutions, conducting anti-money laundering (AML) and due diligence investigations require heavy human analyst intervention. riskCanvas is an evolution in AML technology built with cutting edge big data technologies which delivers a seamless, high-performance, and robust solution for AML teams. The riskCanvas software suite delivers an end-to-end solution or stand-alone modules to provide comprehensive coverage for an AML programs across thre major components: Risk-scoring, Transaction Monitoring, and Case Management.

  • KYC/Risk Scoring- riskCanvas allows a platform for the automation and collection of KYC/CCD/EDD data using Booz Allen proprietary Entitiy Enrich Engine (e3) which used riskCanvas's patented financial crime risk-scoring algorithm.
  • riskDNA™- riskCanvas scores the enriched data identifying potential risk factors and assigning a risk score which can be used for customer risk categorization.
  • Transaction Monitoring- Leveraging big data and cutting edge data science techniques, riskCanvas puts a new set of tools into the hands of AML analytics teams to create more efficient monitoring scenarios and reduce false positive rates.
  • Case Management - Every detail of the application has been designed to help investigators conduct more thorough and efficient investigations through reports and dashboards which measure productivity and SLA adherence. Additionally, riskCanvas automates the filing of regulatory reports.


Joe Gillespie
Senior Associate
Quinten Hout
Product Manager
Hortonworks Certified
RiskTech 100
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  • Customer onboarding
  • CDD/EDD automated data collection
  • Advanced customer risk scoring
  • 100+ "out of the box" transaction monitoring scenarios
  • Custom scenario development
  • Alert triaging and bundling
  • Advanced machine learning monitoring models
  • Robust case management and workflow management features
  • Investigation Toolkit providing single view of customer and transaction data