Automate due diligence

An automated API solution which enriches customer profiles and automatically scores potential risks related to financial crimes


Financial institutions staff hundreds of analysts who conduct thousands of due diligence investigations on their customers in order to satisfy "Know Your Customer" (KYC) and ongoing transaction monitoring regulatory requirements. These due diligence processes can take up to 1 hour to collect information from open source and subscription based data providers. e3 automates this collection process by integrating the data providers. Users can send a customer name to e3 via API, whereupon e3 will automatically gather all relevant data from all of the data providers and then apply a sophisticated risk scoring algorithm called riskDNA in order to prescore the collected data. e3 provides institutions the opportunity to reduce millions of dollars of costs and also enhance compliance through enforcing automated uniformity in the way data is collected and scored.

  • Reduces cost: Manual Due Diligence represents a multi-million dollar line item in your AML operations budget. Through automation, e3 can reduce this by up to 75%.
  • Improves Compliance: Regulators and examiners want to see uniformity in the way that you are investigating your customers. With e3, you can guarantee that you are collecting the exact same information, for each customer, every time.
  • Uniformity is risk-assessment: Everything that you know about your customer tells you something about their risk. riskDNA applies a numeric score to everything including, geography, negative news, past transaction history, and much more.


Joe Gillespie
Practice Lead
Quinten Hout
Product Manager
Hortonworks Certified
RiskTech 100
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  • Fast, high-volume processing of records through cutting-edge, big-data technology.
  • Sophisticated data science and inductive reasoning features help uncover probabilistic connections.
  • Flexible integration options allow e3 to plug into virtually any system involved in your anti-money laundering program.
  • Financial intelligence toolkit combines transactions into one profile.