Optimize your cyber portfolio

A combination tool and capability to ensure cybersecurity solutions are logical, defensible and repeatable

Cyber ROI

How do you quantify the financial benefits of cybersecurity? Cyber investments rank poorly in financial analyses due to lack of an approach to quantify cyber benefits. Cyber ROI answers the question using a tool to calculate a multitude of variables in order to better quantify and show the impact of your company's cybersecurity efforts.

  • Provides the information you need to defend cybersecurity investments. Cyber ROI equips leaders with hard data to justify investment in cybersecurity operations.
  • Enables you to prioritize funding allocation. With this analysis, leaders can see how and where they will get the most out of their investments and designate resources accordingly.


Stephen Hiser
Lead Associate
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  • Tailored calculation method for cybersecurity operations, including cost avoidance of a mitigated threat, threat probability and the cost to fix a threat.
  • Cyber ROI toll outputs enable comparison of projects and tradeoffs between profitability of time.
  • Ability to track year-on-year capital commitments.