Comprehensive mobile app assessment

A mobility security assessment for commercial and enterprise-developed apps


Booz Allen developed AppCritique to help companies avoid mobile app security issues before they become problems. AppCritique identifies commercial apps that could present risk, and identifies and recommends code changes to in-house, enterprise-developed apps before the apps are deployed. AppCritique identifies flaws in mobile apps (iOS and Android) in health care organizations, banks, and other entities—enabling them to take action to tighten security and safely account for consumer data. As part of this package, AppCritique experts also assess the clients' consumer apps to determine security risks for the end user.

  • Keeps your data secure and compliant. Mobile apps can include PII, PHI, financial information, and geolocation. AppCritque helps keep sensitive data like this secure.
  • Prevents app attack vectors. AppCritque identifies vulnerabilities in apps which attackers can use to harm your organization.
  • Know what the bad guys know. Our experts want to arm you with the knowledge of which vulnerabilities in your app will be targeted, and help you fix them.


Chris Forant
Senior Associate
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  • Static and dynamic processing, tightly coupled with expert forensic and network analyses.
  • Customizable output to meet client's need for actionable information.
  • Adaptable capability offering addresses the mobile security concerns of your company.