Identify and mitigate insider risk.

Insider4Sight evaluates data and anomalies in your organization to guard against insider threats.


Organizations face increasing risk from insider threats as reliance on disparate systems and networks increases. Insider4Sight uses a holistic approach to detect rogue insiders before significant damage occurs, thus reducing implementation time and costs, improving detection probability and maximizing resources through a repeatable response workflow. Our team assesses organizations based on client needs, determines triggers within individual and organizational context, detects anomalies within the organization and analyzes data—giving you a comprehensive roadmap to manage risk.

  • Adapts threat detection for each client environment. One size doesn't fit all, and each assessment is tailored to the client's needs.
  • Reduces false positives. Insider4Threat uses advance algorithms to identify the real threats, thus reducing unnecessary flags that require manpower to further investigate.
  • Offers advanced analytic support. Insider4threat leverages a suite of tools and expertise to mitigate insider threats.


Cynthia Lear
Sr. Associate
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  • Advanced assessment, analysis, and roadmap development to mitigating insider threats.
  • Access to a suite a tools to reduce startup and training costs.
  • On-premise COTS platform that aggregates data to enable advanced processes and analytics.
  • Access to BEACON, automated workflow, case management and analytic environment.