Identify and mitigate insider risk

Insider Risk evaluates data and anomalies in your organization to guard against insider threats

Insider Risk

Organizations face increasing risk from insider threats as reliance on disparate systems and networks increases. Insider4Sight uses a holistic approach to detect rogue insiders before significant damage occurs, thus reducing implementation time and costs, improving detection probability and maximizing resources through a repeatable response workflow. Our team assesses organizations based on client needs, determines triggers within individual and organizational context, detects anomalies within the organization and analyzes data—giving you a comprehensive roadmap to manage risk.

  • Provides governance and change management best practices to coordinate and integrate key stakeholders.
  • Applies tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) employing user activity monitoring with the automated baselining of normal network behavior to quickly identify outliers and events that need immediate attention.
  • Provides guidance on case management tools with tailored, repeatable workflows that ensure the right stakeholder are involved and collected data will stand up to chain-of-custody rules.
  • Enhances detection capability using behavior-based detection tools to identify indicators of potential malicious and unintentional insiders before significant damage might occur.
  • Provides a data fusion platform that assigns a risk score, allowing analysts to focus on critical alerts and fuse personnel security data (as applicable) ensuring efficient use of resources).


Amy Boawn
Lead Associate
Steve Greenbacker
Lead Associate
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  • Identify stakeholders and create a hub
  • Profile critical assets
  • Build a threat model library
  • Define incident response
  • Evaluate technology
  • Operationalize the program