Protect and save lives using component authentication

A component authentication technology that uses capture and signal processing capabilities to verify electronic components


Counterfeit electronic components can put safety and reputations at risk. The lives of warfighters and patients depend on advanced military and medical equipment operating properly. But as counterfeit chipsets and circuit boards flood the international market, manufacturers that receive parts from second- and third-tier suppliers are increasingly vulnerable. Attacus is an easy-to-operate technology that enables manufacturers to verify the components of their products to protect those that use the products.

  • Faster Verification: Attacus gives organizations the ability to quickly differentiate between legitimate and counterfeit components with a non-invasive process. This significantly reduces the time required for a process that could otherwise take weeks or months for an entire production run.
  • It Works When it's Noisy: Attacus works in the ambient development environment of a production facility, so an operator can verify component authenticity in the same space where your business assembles complex systems.
  • Reduce Cost: Attacus dramatically scales back the resources required to confirm the legitimacy of electronic components.
  • A Wide Range of Applications: Attacus is a flexible platform that manufacturers can use in different ways. Because it examines chipsets or circuit boards at the electromagnetic level, the system can also determine if parts are defective or of subpar quality, as well as whether there is malicious functionality at the hardware or software level.


Randy Yamada
Chief Technologist
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  • Attacus is based on BRIMSTONE, Booz Allen's proprietary software-defined radio that detects weak-signal micro-fluctuations in radio frequency.
  • BRIMSTONE has detection capabilities at the attowatt level, the equivalent of the wing-flap of a mosquito from up to 30 miles away and can capture bandwidths up to 1.8 GHz to aid in signature discovery.
  • Attacus applies BRIMSTONE's advanced capture and signal processing capabilities to detect whether a specific component complies with the known electromagnetic emissions of an authentic part.