Simulate and navigate your operational challenges

A flexible, intelligent 3D simulation solution for hospital operations management

3D Hospital

Current methods for real-time simulations are unwieldy to end users. Most simulations take a static view approach where the camera's view is fixed and all of the simulation data is displayed at once. Booz Allen's 3D Hospital allows users to take control of what they experience and see—from a bird's-eye view or a first-person view when navigating simulation scenarios.

  • Simulation for any scenario. The flexibility of 3D Hospital provides hospital staff with a new way of viewing and adapting complex models, including tracking patient flow, operational bottlenecks, and infection spread.
  • Solve today's problems and tomorrow's future scenarios. It creates an immersive experience to connect users to the simulation to create protocols and staffing plans to solve and prevent future problems.
  • Get information in real-time. The real-time information lets users respond to the model during the simulation and allows it to be used as education experience.


Sandra Marshall
Chief Technologist
Martin Press
Lead Technologist
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  • Ability to switch between bird's-eye view (top-down view) and first-person view (focusing 360 degrees of direct perspective).
  • State of the art virtual reality technology.
  • Utilize true 3D vision and head tracking using the Oculus Rift headset.
  • Responsive data metrics gives complex details on demand allows for on the fly analysis.