Deploy and secure your cloud applications

An end-to-end cloud strategy, engineering, and operations capability that supports a secure, compliant, and successful path to the cloud

Virtual Cloud Defense

There is a gap between the security controls provided by commercial Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and those required by policy. For agencies to realize the agility and cost savings offered by CSPs, they must ensure their systems comply with multiple regulations and standards. Secure Cloud helps customers bridge the security compliance gap in the cloud with our virtual Secure Cloud product offerings.

  • Realize increased performance and savings expectations. The Virtual Cloud Defense architecture enables government agencies to realize the benefits that they expect from the cloud -- increased performance and availability, scalability to adapt to changing demands, lower costs, and a transition to operational expenses from capital expenses.
  • Compliance with Government Security Policy. Our team stays abreast of industry regulations and government policies to ensure that our offerings help our customers achieve compliance in the cloud efficiently.
  • Optimized for Cloud Platforms. Minimize latency between the Virtual Cloud Defense security stack and the cloud application, leveraging the scale and agility of commercial cloud service providers for security and management, not just the application.
  • Stay aware. Comprehensive situational awareness and transparency by monitoring, logging, and reporting on all activities within the cloud, network, operating systems, and applications.


Brad Beaulieu
Sr. Lead Engineer
Samy Bouhaouala
Chief Technologist
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  • Core Network Security Services that provide in-line deep packet inspection and other advanced perimeter security protections.
  • Identity and Access Management (IdAM) Services that integrate with customer enterprise directories and public key infrastructure (PKI) to support smartcard authentication.
  • Reporting and Analytics that analyze and display aggregated security and audit data.
  • End-Point Protection Services that support patching, vulnerability scanning, anti-malware, and disk encryption for cloud hosted system.
  • Support Services that include help desk, network and security operations, and other cloud and security consulting services.