Identify, assess, and develop your cyber talent

A cloud-based assessment and training platform for evaluating cyber capabilities


Are you struggling to attract, select, and retain cyber professionals capable of addressing the expanding range of current and emerging cyber threats?  With new vulnerabilities discovered each day, organizations must invest in the tools that can identify the right cyber talent, expose them to real-world scenarios, and facilitate immediate knowledge transfer. CyberSim® offers an innovative and customizable cloud-based solution to assess and train cyber professionals.  Using realistic work samples, CyberSim® requires participants to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to solve cyber problems—just as they would on the job.

  • Engaging: With roots in capture-the-flag competitions, CyberSim® employs a fun, game-based approach to assess and train cyber skills
  • Realistic: Developed by our top cyber analysts, challenges are continually reviewed and updated to reflect the latest cyber landscape and threat environment
  • Comprehensive: CyberSim® draws from a library of over 1000 unique challenges covering a wide variety of cyber jobs and technical areas
  • Relevant: Challenges are based on authoritative cyber workforce frameworks, including the National Institute for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and Department of Defense Cyberspace Workforce Framework (DCWF)
  • Flexible: Assessments can be customized to meet clients' unique needs, to include technical areas covered, challenge type and complexity, assessment length, organizational branding, and reporting options
  • Rigorous: Based on rigorous job analysis, assessments are customizable to specific job roles
  • Accessible: CyberSim® can be set up as a persistent training environment available 24/7, as discrete assessments available during a custom timeframe, or as a one-time capture-the-flag competition
  • Safe and secure: CyberSim® provides a self-contained, cloud-based environment accessed through two-factor authentication
  • Risk free:  Not sure if CyberSim® is right for you? Register for a Sample Assessment, a free collection of 3 challenges that shows what we offer


Andrew Smallwood
Product Manager
Adam Rosenberg, Ph. D
Lead Associate
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  • Applicable to staff at all levels
  • Identifies effectiveness of current training programs
  • Reveals strengths and skill gaps for current staff and job applicants
  • Fully customizable
  • Grounded in job analysis and linked to authoritative cyber workforce frameworks
  • Based on adult learning theory best practices
  • Accessible 24/7 via the cloud