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Near peer competitors and potential adversaries are continuously presenting new challenges to military, governmental and commercial organizations. To help counter these threats, Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and technology consulting firm, created the Global4Sight Open Source Analytics offering. This offering combines advanced knowledge of national and regional media environments with sociocultural and linguistic analysis to provide clients with detailed open source intelligence on threat actors and the volatile regions they inhabit.

The value of open source information lies in its inherent shareability, and the fact that it provides an enhanced intelligence picture when fused with national information. Using open source and publicly available information, we monitor threat actors online and illuminate digital social networks to help clients understand the dynamics of their wider network. We analyze groups’ digital strengths and vulnerabilities, allowing our customers to develop highly informed strategies to confront the threat.


Global4Sight Team
Global4Sight Team
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Using insights to drive action:

  • Network Analysis
  • Information Operations Insights
  • Counter-Threat Financial Analysis
  • Media Monitoring
  • Indications and Warnings
  • Strategic Intelligence