Visualize your world

A three-dimensional, geographic visualization tool that allows for enhanced training, mission planning, and operations


Initially developed to fill a gap in three-dimensional renderings of the undersea domain, OceanLens is a software tool that fuses topographic, bathymetric and environmental data into an interactive 3D environment. This allows the user to explore the entire globe from any vantage point—air, land, or undersea—in virtual reality or a 2D screen. This innovative visualization system fuses data into a global model, making tactical use of the ocean more intuitive. Operators can view surrounding geospatial information such as currents, winds, sea state, and acoustic propagation.

  • Highly flexible geospatial visualization solution
  • Can be modified and customized to ingest multiple data sources—publicly available, proprietary, or classified
  • Improved mission planning
  • Improved understanding of surrounding environment


Rachel Dendiu
OceanLens™ Project Manager
Ian Byrnes
Lead OceanLens™ Developer
Eric Billies
Nirav Desai
Chief Technologist
Booz Allen Excellence Award Winner for Innovation
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  • Planners and operators can import and merge various datasets (fictional, historical, or live) to provide a base layer that is referenced to current GPS WGS 84 positions. These datasets can be toggled on and off in the display.
  • 3D models can be imported and scaled, plotted statically or with projected tracks, and viewed from various perspectives in the multidimensional rendering.
  • Outputs can be viewed on a desktop or in virtual reality.
  • Visualize acoustic propagation from surrounding vessels as well as one’s own ship.