Find and fix biometric system vulnerabilities

An identity protection capability that boosts the security of the biometric and identity enterprise

ID Protection & Exploitation

ID Protection helps organizations identify, analyze, and solve threats before they become a reality. Bringing to bear Booz Allen's cyber and biometric expertise, ID Protection delivers security engineering, vulnerability assessments, and countermeasure detection and mitigation to protect organizations from risk.

  • Works well with other cybersecurity measures such as Cyber4Sight® or as a standalone offering
  • Protects your organization from increasingly common fingerprint, iris, and biometric spoofing; network penetration; database manipulation; software hijacking; firmware modification; and communication interception
  • Showcases the depth and breadth of Booz Allen's biometric experience and expertise in other cyber technology fields


Jonathon Levitt
Chief Engineer
Adam Weiner
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  • Penetration testing
  • Biometric algorithm analysis (signal and image processing)
  • Vulnerability and susceptibility analysis
  • Hardware, software, and firmware analysis
  • ID protection experience and expertise
  • Cybersecurity expertise
  • Biometric system test and evaluation