Fingerprinting vehicles with precision

A sophisticated, software-defined radio solution to identify and differentiate combustion engines


On the ground, in the air, and in the water, combustion engine-powered vehicles are everywhere. Given this prevalence, workers, agents, and warfighters in commercial, defense, and intelligence settings frequently need to distinguish among vehicles that may appear similar. With BRIMSTONE, it's possible to differentiate engines inside visually identical vehicles of the same make, model, year, and color.

  • Works across industries: EMPassive can be applied for defense, intelligence, and commercial clients to ensure accurate vehicle identification.
  • Simple and adjustable to use: It can be set up as either a free-standing device or attached to a vehicle such as an aircraft. In seconds, EMPassive can fingerprint any combustion engine and compare each print against an internal database to determine if the system has encountered it previously.
  • Fingerprinting in any context: With the ability to fingerprint any combustion engine, EMPassive can identify cars, generators, ships, aircraft, and UAVs, among other types of vehicles. The system is viable for a wide variety of circumstances and scenarios in which differentiating among engine-powered vehicles is necessary.


Randy Yamada
Chief Engineer
Andy Linn
Senior Associtae
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  • Desktop-size processing unit that connects between one and four portable antennas.
  • Extensive data collection capability includes the ability to synthesize unique engine fingerprints of less than 100 kilobytes each.
  • Demonstrated fingerprinting up to 180 meters on the ground and can identify vehicles passing at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.