Safeguard your data anywhere.

A mobile, location-based security solution to automatically enforce organizational policies and safeguard proprietary and sensitive information on tablets and laptops.

District Defend™

District Defend™ minimizes risk to data and organizations through the implementation and enforcement of security measures at a centralized — not end user — level. The result is uniform, consistent protection for all security systems throughout any organization. District Defend™ helps organizations' mobile workforce to securely get their work done wherever they need to be.

  • As mobile becomes a part of the enterprise, District Defend™ gives administrators the ability to understand risk exposure and enforce end user policies automatically
  • Policies that rely on enforcement by end users can leave your network and sensitive data open to attack. By automating enforcement of security policies, District Defend™ minimizes the risk of accidental data leaks
  • District Defend™ expands the flexibility of your workforce by providing the tools and data your users need where and when they need them


Walton Smith
Business Development
Jason Myers
Sales Lead
Andy Linn
Operations Director
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  • Multilayer encryption to protect sensitive data
  • Anti-tampering measures to prevent physical hacking
  • Manage access to multiple operating systems on one device, including permissions for specific hardware and software
  • Track assets within the district using integrated RFID technology, including alerts customized for multiple layers of security personnel and types of assets