Onsite, real-time mobile forensic collection, analysis, and identification

A handheld, highly ruggedized forensic device that conducts fast, accurate, onsite latent and live fingerprint identification and matching analysis


The VAMPIRE™ device helps frontline investigators at all levels capture fingerprints from suspects and persons of interest from the field, cutting response time from days to seconds. Using this hand-held point-and-shoot device, law enforcement personnel can execute onsite, real-time forensic collection, analysis and identification. The VAMPIRE™ device is customizable to meet specific mission tasks and existing expertise.

  • Identify and compare fingerprints in seconds from the field with this rugged, forensic device
  • Collect and compare latent prints to persons of interest with speed and accuracy
  • Capture evidence on practically any surface or powder—tapping on the screen engages the VAMPIRE™ device's enhanced variable forensic light and advanced image processing


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  • Captures latent fingerprints (either 500 or 1000 PPI) via integrated 12-megapixel camera and integrated forensic light sources
  • Captures live fingerprints via integrated FAP-45 fingerprint scanner (compliant with PIV, FIPS 201, and FBI standards)
  • Simultaneous two eye iris capture and associated matching capabilities are available as an option
  • Exports / imports EBTS-compliant biometric data and watch list data
  • Features a simple, easy to use interface
  • Provides scene management and evidence location tracking
  • Onboard biometric watch list can store and match up to 25,000 watch list and latent prints and ensure print match in seconds
  • Fingerprint recognition technology includes tolerance to fingerprint translation, rotation, and deformation
  • Compatible with standard, magnetic and fluorescent finger-printing powders and PD, fuming and other techniques