Transform your supply chain to achieve significant efficiencies and savings

Supply Chain Transformation improves the efficiency of operations, from suppliers' suppliers to the ultimate end customer, enabling the client to achieve significant savings and freeing funding for other strategic priorities

Supply Chain Transformation

The Supply Chain Transformation process begins with an assessment against best practices to identify improvement areas, followed by an implementation plan with a strong focus on cost savings. The identification of procurement savings is facilitated by our Seven Step Strategic Sourcing methodology. The process includes a comprehensive spend analysis as well as cost and category benchmarking to identify appropriate strategic sourcing plans that provide the best value in terms of price and service to the organization. We also have specific capabilities in areas such as Logistics Management, Vendor Managed Inventory and Lean process improvement.

  • Reduce supply chain cost: Identify opportunities to reduce cost throughout the supply chain
  • Improve service levels: Measure performance against key customer metrics and seek opportunities to improve
  • Decrease inventory levels: Reduce total inventory to optimal levels while maintaining service levels
  • Reduce supply chain volatility: Increase demand planning accuracy, benefiting customers, suppliers, and internal functions that rely on the supply chain
  • Improve supply chain responsiveness: Effectively and efficiently adjust to unexpected demand and supply chain disruptions


Inigo Ahedo
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  • Supply Chain Assessment identifies improvement opportunities through evaluation of key maturity model areas
  • Strategic Sourcing identifies competitive sources of supply by executing commodity-specific strategic sourcing plans
  • Logistics Management drives efficiency throughout the supply chain by optimizing the transportation and storage of materials
  • Lean Process Improvement eliminates waste, increases customer satisfaction, and fosters supply chain excellence