Deliver your project on-time, on-budget

A real-time project analysis solution that integrates cost, schedule and risk into a single, analytical model allowing users to stop project cost and schedule growth before they occur.


By integrating analysis of all three project functions—cost, schedule, and risk—we help your project succeed, delivering accurate forecasts and identifying risk drivers before it's too late. Our solution flexes to integrate with your work environment and needs. We can work closely with your project management team to jump start a Polaris capability within your organization, or our team of experts can use the Polaris tool to independently analyze your project, helping you finish your work on-time and on-budget.

  • Merge cost estimates, schedules, and risk registers into a single model for performing integrated analysis
  • Predict, identify, and analyze the lead drivers of cost and schedule risk to your project, program, or portfolio
  • Work collaboratively to create solutions for ensuring your venture's fiscal success—all without leaving the meeting room


Ryan Legard
Product Manager
2013 Rotary Stellar Award
Booz Allen Excellence Awards (BEA)
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  • Automated Risk Prioritization
  • Cost Loading and Fiscal Year Phasing
  • Critical Path Branching Visualization
  • Discrete Risk Analysis
  • Gantt Chart and Cost/Schedule Uncertainty
  • Inflation Tables
  • Joint Confidence Level Scatterplot
  • Probabilistic Calendars and Branching
  • Schedule Health Check
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • 1-day Training (MSF-3600) on everything from simulation modeling to advanced integrated cost, schedule and risk analysis