Cloud-Based Analytics and Visualization Platform for Enterprise IoT Management

Empower organizational decision making by simultaneously ingesting real-time asset location data from Active or Passive RFID, UWB, and other location providing technologies to capture key productivity, safety, and asset utilization insights with automated analytics

District Detect™

District Detect™ is a location-based, technology agnostic platform that aggregates asset location data into a single visualization tool, simplifying asset identification and enabling easy asset tracking. Instant playback of location-based events triggered by proximity or perimeter policies, long-term asset location history persistence, and in-depth analytics all converge into a single platform to drive incredible visibility into today's toughest business challenges.

District Detect™ minimizes your organization's operational risk exposure by providing actionable insights and an autonomous alert system to key stakeholders. Improve productivity, ensure workplace safety compliance, and achieve program goals through novel data collection that contributes to enhanced oversight.

  • Scale IoT management capabilities by unifying efforts with a vendor and location-based technology agnostic platform that supports a variety of unique business cases across the entire orgnanization, eliminating the need for multiple solutions
  • Monitor assets across the globe through intuitive navigational and mapping tools
  • Apply perimeter and proximity policies based on business requirements of each site
  • Capture and resolve policy infractions with automatic alert notifications and management workflows
  • Deliver powerful insights into key organizational decisions with impactful analytic visualizations and reporting capabilities


Andy Linn
Operations Director
Jason Myers
Sales Lead
Trevor Fletcher
Product Manager
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  • Track and store asset and workforce location data
  • Send real-time alerts
  • Playback asset location over time
  • Customize analytics to synthesize actionable data
  • Automate IoT management reports