Media monitoring for better health

Epidemico is a Booz Allen platform for monitoring and understanding health topics derived from online conversations across media sources


Epidemico is a cloud-based software for listening, monitoring, and understanding health topics. The platform provides custom portfolios by topic, including disease outbreaks, drug safety, product and brand sentiment, patience experience, food safety, and more. Traditional and nontraditional data are actively acquired by data mining and crowdsourcing. Data are securely stored and analyzed by health domain machine learning tools with an extensive library of natural language processing. Descriptive and inferential statistics are applied and results (in static or streaming formats) are delivered through browser-based, lightweight, user-friendly visualizations.

  • Take an accurate pulse of digital conversations: Provide high-fidelity insights into health-related issues, allowing users to react and respond quickly to the public's or clients' concerns.
  • Expert content curation: Epidemico ensures data integrity (filtering out junk) with the application of automated and user-defined processors, and a human review process by knowledgeable health experts.
  • Customized to each client’s needs: Each instance of Epidemico is tailored to best serve the needs of leadership, staff, and stakeholders. The team works side-by-side with clients to develop solutions that helps them act on the right data to tell a clear and accurate story.
  • Focus on health: Epidemico’s primary focus is on quickly identifying and capturing relevant health information. The product employs industry proven algorithms that provide agencies with earlier insights than generalized media listening tools, allowing leaders to make well-informed decisions sooner.


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  • Listens, gathers, aggregates, monitors, and understands health topics and conversations
  • Covers data across almost limitless media sources
  • Tailors digital listening to monitor health-related conversations
  • Tags topics of interest and relevance
  • Detects signals, anomalies, and patterns
  • Adds custom data sources and taxonomies to client-specific portfolios
  • Curates and analyzes auto-processed data
  • Tailors output into easy-to-use, customizable reports and dashboards/APIs