Build your analytics strategy

A holistic framework for building an analytics strategy that allows organizations to better understand, grow, and reinforce the use of analytics


Data is being generated at an exponential rate and is more readily available than ever before. Organizations are seeking to develop strategies that allow them to derive more value from this data, more efficiency from their limited resources, and more integration with newly modernized systems. ADAPT+C provides a holistic framework to guide organizations through this process across six critical elements: Analytic Opportunities, Data, Analytic Techniques, People, Technology, and Culture (ADAPT+C). Regardless of where you are in your analytics journey, ADAPT+C can help you determine the path forward.

  • Comprehensive and holistic framework that considers and measures the six elements of an organization's analytics capability—Analytic Opportunities, Data, Analytic Techniques, People, Technology, and Culture
  • Flexible and modular approach that meets an organization where they are in their analytics journey, whether the organization has just begun to think about their analytics strategy or is looking to mature a sophisticated capability
  • Assessments and analytics vignettes (i.e., simulated analytics projects) help organizations identify specific areas for improvement based on their desired analytics capability future state
  • Road map, strategy, and implementation support that deliver a clear and transparent path to success for your organization derived from data science best practices, while the maturity levels provide an objective way to measure progress


Patrick McCreesh
Kate Helfet
Lead Associate
Sarah Toigo
Lead Associate
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  • Comprehensive and holistic framework
  • Modular and flexible approach
  • Shared lexicon for analytics capability
  • Integration of analytics best practices
  • Applicable to organizations at all analytics capability maturity levels
  • Robust analytics capability maturity model
  • Ability to probe into key capability roadblocks
  • Analytic vignettes to identify and scope opportunities for analytics
  • Conceptual roadmap outlining key milestones
  • Implementation support from Booz Allen's team of over 900 data scientists to continue progress