Shine a light in the darkest corners of your network

Blacklight assesses your network from the attacker perspective, discovering the exploitable information that malicious threats use to gain access to your network


Maintaining complete awareness of your external network perimeter is increasingly difficult in today's dynamic IT business environment. Computer networks in every industry and profile are targets for malicious groups interested in seeking key information for financial gain, protesting company policies, or exploiting a network. Blacklight seeks out and identifies vulnerabilities across the full scale surface of a company's network to provide more visibility and a better understanding of needed defensive countermeasures.

  • Provides an outsider (unbiased) view of the company's Internet facing assets and public presence
  • Little to no information required to begin assessments
  • Summarized report presenting low, medium, and high risk vulnerabilities discovered
  • Blacklight's customized level of depth allows its collection engine to run passively or actively, depending on the client's net operating requirements
  • Recurring scans can provide validation during remediation efforts


Will Farrell
Chris Forant
Senior Associate
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  • Semi-automated surface area risk assessment
  • Geographic and network overview
  • Wide-scale domain discovery
  • Certificate validation
  • Web asset vulnerability discovery
  • Low, medium, and high risk ratings for identified vulnerabilities
  • PDF-readable report
  • Raw data dump of results (JSON/CSV/XML)