Rapid and defensible decision support for your portfolio

A data-driven, objective assessment toolkit that can provide defensible decision support for your portfolio


Portfolio owners typically make management decisions based on subjective assessments and, oftentimes, gut feeling. Bento™ helps objectively assess, prioritize, and analyze a portfolio to identify a path forward that will increase efficiency and reduce costs. The Bento™ toolkit can be used to assess any portfolio of things, whether it is a portfolio of systems (application rationalization, cloud migration), people (workforce optimization), or investments (investments planning).

  • Personalizes the disposition category framework to custom tailor the assessment based on the specific client need and situation
  • Reduces the "analysis to action" timeline with a fully automated streamlined input process and web-based visualization output
  • Removes subjectivity to focus on delivering a statistically grounded and information-based strategic solution
  • Provides an enhanced visualization capability that enables users to perform portfolio deep dive analysis, gain insights on portfolio complexity, and execute simulation analysis


Sonya Rahmani
Senior Lead Technologist
Jerry Negrelli
Chief Technologist
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  • Pre-built templates to support common use cases
  • Back-end analytical engine and front-end visualization capability
  • Automated data ingestion
  • Deep-dive analysis, what-if simulations, and automated reports
  • Similarity Analysis
  • Portfolio dependency mapping, capability gap identification, and technology optimization
  • Portfolio cost assessments
  • Portfolio scoring and prioritization