Federal health market has its eyes on the IT industry
A report released by Deltek earlier this month projects the federal health spending at $1.65 trillion in 2025. Deltek predicts federal health care expenditures will escalate, requiring federal agencies to adopt new technologies to eliminate inefficiencies and improve outcomes. With the potential to solve some of the biggest spending problems in healthcare, there are huge growth areas to watch out for in health IT. Read more here or access the full report here.
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Agile development is becoming the fastest way to produce digital projects
A recent report revealed that 85 percent of U.S. citizens expected "the same or more from government digital services compared to commercial digital services." Pressure is on for government agencies to make their digital projects accessible faster. Enter agile development. Although not new, government agencies, such as the U.S. Forest Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, have increasingly adopted this methodology to accelerate the production of their digital offerings. Read about agile development’s many realized benefits here.
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Booz Allen DE ISO Obering: focus on directed energy capabilities is "inevitable and imperative"
Booz Allen's Trey Obering, Directed Energy Innovation Services Officer, spoke at the closing panel for SPIE’s Defense + Commercial Sensing conference on Monday, April 16. Obering emphasized the need for innovation to sustain a strong military, especially as the intensity of cyber security threats continues to escalate. After presenting real-life applications of directed energy, Obering concluded that more research and work is required to further the development of directed energy to ensure that the US military remains on top of the newest technological trends. To find out more about directed energy and Obering's speech, click here.
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Tableau Acquisition of ClearGraph Has Huge Implications on How Clients Search Data
Tableau announced earlier this month that it had acquired ClearGraph, formerly Argo and Arktos. Tableau is a Seattle-based company that provides user-friendly software applications for analytics and visualization. ClearGraph’s proprietary semantic search platform will allow Tableau clients to use natural language queries to better visualize their data. Read more about how this acquisition can change the way users analyze their data here.
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Booz Allen's Sailfish Helps Agencies Understand Federal Spending Data
Booz Allen's Sailfish is playing a crucial role in the Treasury Department's continuing efforts to increase transparency on how taxpayer money is spent. On June 29, Booz Allen offered its proprietary big data analytics platform free of charge to the government, military, and academic sectors. Sailfish allows users to find, share, and analyze their data more easily and with faster turnarounds. Backed by its team of 600 expert data scientists, Booz Allen's Sailfish will help government agencies and citizens identify and evaluate their spending data and patterns. For more information on how Sailfish is impacting the Treasury Department's federal spending data efforts, read about the Zone feature here or visit beta.usaspending.gov.
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Booz Allen's Cyber4Sight to Enhance Splunk's Enterprise Security Platform
Booz Allen Hamilton released a private beta version of its Cyber4Sight offering for use by Splunk, Inc., according to a press release issued by Splunk on July 18, 2017. Cyber4Sight is a Booz Allen managed service that informs organizations on imminent cyber threats through comprehensive and context-rich threat intelligence information and analysis. Splunk is the leading platform used for Operational Intelligence by security, IT, and business firms. This partnership combines Splunk's ability to analyze machine data with Cyber4Sight's cyber analysts with decades of experience monitoring the intelligence community across targeted sources to bring faster threat identification and better informed decision making.
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Booz Allen Talks Tech at SXSW

In March 2017, Booz Allen hosted five sessions at the interactive portion of South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. During these sessions, employees shared the firm's collective ingenuity and showcased the latest in Booz Allen innovation. The sessions touched on major themes seen throughout SXSW, including disruptive technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Across the festival, alternate reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) were key topics.

Booz Allen's very own OceanLens uses VR technology to help you 'see' into the ocean depths. OceanLens is a 3D, geographic data visualization tool that tracks, maps, and analyzes any body of water.

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Booz Allen Innovation in Action: SEED SPOT

On January 13, 2017 Booz Allen announced a partnership with SEED SPOT, an incubator for social entrepreneurs. SEED SPOT's programs guide entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that positively impact the world.

With innovation at the core of our mission, Booz Allen is a natural fit to be SEED SPOT's Innovation Catalyst sponsor. Our century-long history of mentoring innovators and devising global solutions for various clients makes us uniquely situated to support SEED SPOT's programs through mentorship. As mentors, Booz Allen employees will provide guidance to SEED SPOT entrepreneurs as they hone their ideas to better the world.

Booz Allen is no stranger to creating and supporting innovative solutions. Through tools, infrastructure, funding, and support, the Alternative Revenue Streams (ARS) have supported and facilitated the launch of over 40 solutions. Browse the firm's tools, capabilities, products, and managed services right here on the PIT.

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Booz Allen's Innovation in Action: Beat Awake
In December 2016, Booz Allen presented a mobile prototype for an inventive new product at Amazon's 2016 AWS re:Invent conference. The technology, Beat Awake, pairs up to smartwatches and leverages biometric data to determine anomalies in heartrate, alerting the wearer of the watch when one occurs. With this technology, the pair aims to solve is the rampant issue of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. The idea was conceived at Booz Allen's Summer Games internship, by Michael Jacob, now a Consultant, and André Nguyen, now a Technologist. At Booz Allen, our employees' innovative ideas can be transformed into productized solutions to help your organization solve its toughest challenges. From an API solution that automates due diligence to a mobile, location-based security system, you can find over 40+ Booz Allen-invented advanced technical solutions that our employees have worked tirelessly on to solve critical problems for the federal government and the American public. Explore the PIT to find the right innovative solution for your organization!
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Booz Allen and the Pentagon's Innovation Experiment: What Do They Have In Common?

How can the federal government connect with the inventive tech and start-up centers around the country to better serve the American people? The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has a solution.

In 2015, the DoD founded an experimental group in Silicon Valley to improve the efficiency of the technology development and acquisition process. The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), created by Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, allows the DoD to explore technology that could be useful to the military. This outpost enables the DoD to embed itself in the center of Silicon Valley’s technology innovation, much like Booz Allen has with our San Francisco Innovation Hub, or iHub. DIUx branches have also opened in Austin and Boston, two locations where Booz Allen also founded iHubs.

Booz Allen can provide a similar bridge for your organization that DIUx has for the DoD. We can connect you to these hotbeds of innovation through our iHubs and provide high-tech solutions that can increase your efficiency and effectiveness. From an application that makes data science easy to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, Booz Allen’s 40+ innovative products and capabilities can be tailored to address your organization's specific needs.

Explore the PIT to see how Booz Allen's solutions can help your organization achieve its mission.

Read more about the creation of the DIUx here

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Booz Allen Products Join TechStar's First Startup Next DC Cohort

Every second, 12 people become a victim of a cybercrime&emdash;prompting an urgent need to innovate and expand the cyber security industry to respond to these threats. TechStars and Booz Allen have partnered to foster and create emerging technologies that will combat cyber security threats and improve quality of life in our ever-connected society.

Together, our firm and TechStars built the first cohort of Startup Next DC&emdash;Cyber Security. The cohort is comprised of three Booz Allen product teams and three startups. Find out more about the three Booz Allen teams chosen on the PIT: Attacus, AppCritique, and Kaizen.

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Booz Allen Hamilton hosts Topcoder's Topcoder Open (TCO)

From November 18th-21st, Booz Allen worked with Topcoder, the largest crowdsourcing community in the world, to host the Topcoder Open (TCO). Topcoder’s annual event brings together the best coders from across the globe to compete against one another in six different types of competition.

This year's TCO featured 62 competitors representing 26 countries, held in Booz Allen's Innovation Center located in Washington D.C. Six participants walked away winners. Find out who won and more about this year's TCO at http://tco16.topcoder.com/.

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The Future Is Here—Booz Allen's IoT Capability Can Support Smart Cities

Have you ever heard of a Smart City? A Smart City allows various, previously disconnected domains or industries to share information to deliver more real-time, predictive, and targeted information to users and consumers.


While it might sound like a sci-fi concept, Smart Cities exist in today's world and Booz Allen has the experience and solutions to support them. Booz Allen has a track record of supporting clients in Smart City-related industries, including health, transportation, and public safety. With a dedicated IoT practice, Booz Allen can fill multiple roles in the development of a Smart City vision and strategy, including the design and implementation. From acting as an advisor in assessing IT and physical assets to providing data management, solution, and advanced analytics during implementation, Booz Allen can help clients take the next step towards building a Smart City.


The need for secure data access and transmission in Smart Cities is fundamental. District Defend™, one of Booz Allen's IoT solutions, can be used by multiple organizations to control access to sensitive information as it is streamed and used for valuable analytics and insights. Find out more about District Defend™ here.   

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Booz Allen Partners with Phantom to Reduce Cyber Threats

Booz Allen has announced a new strategic alliance with leading security automation and orchestration platform, Phantom. Faced with increasing severity and volume of cyber threats, organizations are identifying and managing as many as 17,000 malware alerts every week, according to the Ponemon Institute.

The partnership fuses Booz Allen's mission intelligence and expertise in architecting and implementing cyber solutions with Phantom's cutting-edge industry technology and ability to automate the mitigation of cyber threats. The goal of the partnership? Cyber resiliency and outpacing cyber threats for government and commercial enterprises.

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Booz Allen Added to Gartner's Market Guide for IoT Service Providers

Gartner predicts that through 2020 more than half of midsize to large enterprises will leverage IoT services to help with new IoT project implementations. A barrier to success is the scarcity of skills and resources to build, deploy, and implement these IoT solutions across the various industries.

Booz Allen was recently featured in Gartner's first ever Market Guide for IoT Service Providers. The guide's intent was to be a resource for IT leaders in manufacturing, healthcare delivery, transportation, and retail organizations to select the right IoT service provider to support their projects. Our company was featured as one of the 24 IoT services providers highlighted and was able to provide viewpoints not yet heard in the field—including our recommendation in pursue the diversity of analytics services needed to make IoT valuable.

Want to explore our in-house IoT solutions, such as District Defend™? Go to the solutions page and select the filter 'IoT.'

You can also read more on www.gartner.com.




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