Booz Allen Warns of Impending AI Wars with China
Ready, Set, Race! Booz Allen CEO Horacio Rozanski warns of a potential artificial intelligence (AI) race between the U.S. and China. According to Rozanski, China is edging up to the U.S., which could pose a huge risk if chief policy makers do not craft a national strategy soon. To learn more about the battle over AI dominance, click here.
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Booz Allen Fosters Innovative Problem Solving with FIRST® LEGO® League
Our future is indeed in the hands of the younger generation, as displayed at the eighth annual FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO League Global Innovation Award ceremony last month. Co-sponsored by Booz Allen, PwC, and LEGO Education, the event inspires students in grades 4-8 to participate and submit solutions that solve some of the world's most pressing problems. Read about the contest winners or about FIRST and the many events they host for young innovators here.
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The NSA Is Up in the Cloud
The National Security Agency (NSA) announced last month that it has moved most of its collected and analyzed data into the Intelligence Community GovCloud, a classified cloud computing environment. This change reflects the shift within federal agencies to modernize. To learn more, read here.
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Booz Allen Opens New Innovation Hub in CMD
This June, Dark Lab hackers have a new home in Central Maryland. Booz Allen unveiled its newest Innovation Hub (iHub), one of many located in various cities across the country. The firm's iHub network accelerate ideation and entrepreneurship. Read here for more on Booz Allen's Innovation Hubs.
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Booz Allen Enables Soldiers to Analyze Data Using MI
Machine learning is pushing boundaries on how we've traditionally evaluated information. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, Booz Allen is helping soldiers collect data and analyze combat indicators, according to senior associate Aaron Sant-Miller. Click here to find out more.
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Blockchain's Potential Benefits to the Public Sector
Blockchain does things better, faster, and cheaper. According to a recent report report by Booz Allen Hamilton, its application in the Government could reduce redundancies and increase security, while ensuring data integrity. To learn more, read here.
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Booz Allen and UiPath Partner to Advance RPA in the Government
Robotic process automation (RPA) technologies are largely absent from federal agencies. Booz Allen Hamilton and UiPath announced a partnership to harness their respective capabilities and core processes to streamline the delivery of these services to citizens. Read more here.
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Medical Treatments Expected to Improve with Artificial Intelligence
New research invalidates the claim that AI will drive medical professionals to the unemployment line. In fact, AI will likely improve medical treatments, while maintaining a healthy workforce. One of the projects in the study investigated the various uses of machine intelligence in doctor-patient interactions. To learn more, click here.
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AI, Robots, and Automation—Technologies of the Future
What technology do you see as the future? In his book, The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation, published earlier this year, Darrel M. West discussed the role emerging technologies will play in our lives. Building on West's book, the , the Brookings Institute published a report on internet search queries that confirms the growing interest in and applications of these technologies. To read the report, click here.
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University Develops New VR Educational Platform
Virtual reality (VR) is changing the way we learn. Take Enduvo, a unique VR learning device developed by University of Illinois engineers. Students step into a three-dimensional distraction-free environment and learn from a virtual instructor. Click here to read more about Enduvo.
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U.S. Navy to Buy, Build, and Drill Drones
The U.S. Navy, along with researchers from Florida Atlantic University, are developing robotized boats that can launch aerial and sub drones. Using new software tools, FAU researchers are creating technology with improved sensing and collision avoidance capabilities. Learn more about this accelerated process for building, buying, and deploying drones here.
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Labovich Shares Booz Allen's Technology Plans in Washington Technology Interview
Digital Solutions EVP Gary Labovich chatted with Washington Technology earlier this month about Booz Allen's legacy and how it is a driving factor in envisioning the firm's future. Gary shared the firm’s plan to invest heavily on the cloud and the digital consumer, punctuated by its recent $30 million FDA contract win. Read more of the interview here.
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High-School Girls Are the Future of AI
What is missing in the field of artificial intelligence (AI)? Women. Although AI is giving rise to the dawn of a fourth industrial revolution, women are largely vacant from the field. It is incumbent upon leaders in the AI community to include high-school girls in programs that teach them about the algorithms and technology that comprise AI. Learn more about the importance of including high-school girls in the AI community here.
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Kirk Borne on the Power of Data
Kirk Borne, an executive adviser at Booz Allen, spoke with Thinkful's Adam Levenson about data science and its many uses. In the wide-ranging interview, Kirk covered topics including artificial intelligence and machine learning to data science capabilities at Fortune 500 companies. To read the interview, click here.
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DOI Uses Drones to Save Lives
The Department of the Interior (DOI) is in hot water. Correction—hot lava. Last month, the DOI deployed a fleet of drones to assist in evacuating citizens surrounded by molten rock flowing from Mount Kilauea in Hawaii. These impressive rescues showcase the myriad real-life applications of drones. To learn more about how the DOI has integrated drones in its rescue operations, click here.
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Homeland Security Introduces New Cybersecurity Strategy
Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security released an updated cybersecurity strategy, which includes new processes to ensure a formalized approach to combatting cyber-attacks. To learn more about the new directive, read here.
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Booz Allen Survey: Cyber Talent Shortage and C-Suite Accountability Lacking
A new survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton reveals that many organizations lack the workforce to fully protect themselves against advanced cyber-attacks. These findings confirm that a skilled cybersecurity staff is necessary to prevent cybersecurity breaches. To learn about five best practices to address the cyber talent gap, click here.
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Fourth Annual Data Science Bowl Convenes
Nearly 18,000 competitors participated in this year's Data Science Bowl, hosted by Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaggle. The competition challenged entrants to use artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the process of nuclei detection. Click here to learn more about the intersection of AI with biomedical research at this year's Data Science Bowl.
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Game-Changing Potential of VR Beyond Games
Does virtual reality have a future beyond fantasy and escapism? Experts believes so. On May 7, Joshua Johnson, the host of NPR's podcast 1A, discussed the ways virtual reality has the potential to transform industries. To learn more, listen here .
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DoT Announces Pilot Drone Program
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) is redefining the future of drone technology with the introduction of the Integration Pilot Program. The program will assess the possible benefits of drones and create new regulations that will allow for a healthy proliferation of drones into the national airspace. To learn more about the program and how it will affect current FAA rules, click here.
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