How do I find a solution?
There are multiple ways to search for a solution on the PIT:
  • Search by solution name or keyword via the Search Bar located in the top navigation bar
  • Browse all solutions by selecting the Solutions link from the top navigation bar or on the homepage
  • Sort or view by Solution Area (i.e., Big Data, Open Source) or Market through the Solutions link from the top navigation bar or on the homepage
Where can I find more information about a solution?
Click on a solution name to access a detailed page of collateral and content, or send a request directly to the solution Point of Contact (POC) listed under Contact the Team.
How can I download and share content, like a fact sheet?
Depending on your device document reader, you can download documents, like fact sheets and white papers, to your phone or desktop. You can also use device options to e-mail links to those documents directly to yourself, your colleagues and your clients.
How do I request product sales, proposal, or technical support?
Each solution has a set of POCs. Simply send a request directly to those POCs.
How do I get my solution included in the PIT?
The PIT includes products and managed services that can be maintained independent of Booz Allen’s consulting services, as well as tools and capabilities that are a critical part of the offerings we provide to our clients. If you think you may have a solution candidate for the PIT, email
How does the Solutions Enablement team define product, managed service, tool, capability and solution?
  • Product – software or hardware that a customer can purchase with or without Booz Allen labor services.
  • Managed Service – a defined, repeatable set of services delivered proactively or as needed, determined by the service.
  • Tool – an internal technology provided as part of our management consulting services.
  • Capability – a clearly structured labor offering that utilizes consulting and/or technology services and SMEs.
  • Solution – brings together our world class consulting expertise with high-end products, managed services, and tools to generate new business possibilities and accelerate revenue.